Telugu Web Series: Bhargav Macharla Ani

Telugu Web Series is on its way to touch the skies that are already ruled by the Telugu film industry. The Telugu based TV series are now so influential with creative content-driven and innovative ideas that they’re gaining huge popularity by the day. In fact, the Telugu film industry is really enjoying the benefits of this new development, which has touched the emotional levels of the audience all over the world. The Telugu Web Series industry has now become a big hit among the TV viewers all around the world. Here’s a look at some of the key factors that have been contributing to the increasing popularity of these series. Vaishnavi Chaitanya

First of all, the Telugu Web Series has gained popularity due to their innovative concept and creative content. A common man today is looking for something unique to watch or something that would make him laugh and make his evening full with laughter. Nowadays, the Telugu Web Series are all about incorporates the aspects of laughter in to the story line so that the viewers can easily relate to the situation and feel attached to the characters in the story. The concept of combining comedy and emotions is not new to the world of television. However, it has never been able to reach the heights that the Telugu Web Series has attained till date. These series have been receiving positive reviews from the day one and people are now looking forward to the next episode of each series.

Nithumain, a young man from the outskirts of Hyderabad is about to get married to his childhood sweetheart, Nandu, but he suddenly has to cancel the wedding due to some very ordinary reasons. In order to cover up his sudden unscheduled visit to his dad’s funeral, Nithumain contacts his best friend, Sundar, who happens to be working as an executive in a food chain. Sundar takes Nithumain to his home and tries to arrange a meeting with his former college friends, Mani and Kaula. Sundar and Nithumain try to figure out the reason for Nithumain’s sudden change in schedule and find that he had got himself married after he saw a disgusting performance at a comedy club.

The Telugu web series has been earning popularity because of its intelligent portrayal of the human dramas. The entire show has been based on the story of a young man called Nithumain who happens to get pulled into an arranged marriage against his will. Nithumain’s friends Mani and Kaula try to prevent the marriage from taking place but fail. They then try to convince Nithumain’s guardian, Sundar, to stop the marriage. Sundar however realizes that he has no other choice but to go ahead with the arranged marriage as he has promised Nithumain that he would get a good job in the government sometime in the future and would pay off his debts to his family.

The Telugu web series has been receiving great responses from its target audience. The first episode, which aired on tv earned the ratings to become one of the most watched comedy shows in the week. The show has been providing a mild and humorous view on social issues like love, sex and relationships.

The show has been receiving a lot of popularity in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh, where the most watched TV program is aired. The main characters in the comedy series are Ashok Kumar (Nathosh Sivaraj), Nithum (Sudheer Ram), Mani (Aditya Azad), Kaula (Nasanth Sahoo), Mani’s sister Nuparna and Geetha (Chhotelal Misra). All these characters have gained a lot of fans from their very good acting skills and the manner in which they have been portraying their characters. They have also been receiving a lot of praises from critics and audience members alike. The reviews and reaction of the audience have also helped the producers in creating a very interesting story line with which the audience can easily relate.

“Telugu Web Series: Pilla” is similar to other comedy shows that revolves around a bunch of friends who get together every Sunday at a restaurant called Pilla. As the name suggests, the main character Pilla is always seen surrounded by a lot of people while eating a pilla. However, when an argument arises among them, Pilla is forced to step in and interject with his opinion. This role of the Telugu artist has also earned him a lot of appreciation not just from his fans but from people across the world as well.

The show has been receiving positive response from both the adults and children who watch the Telugu web series regularly. The director Ravi Subramanian and the producers had kept in mind the points that were important for the success of the show and have ensured that these were well adhered to. The producers of the comedy series have made sure that the characters of the comedy series are funny and yet truthful at the same time. The use of humor is balanced well with the serious moods depicted in the series.