What You Need to Consider Before Hiring a Press Release Distribution Service

Are you finished writing your press release? How will you make sure that it gets into the hands of your target audience?

One method that you can try is using a press release distribution service. If you choose the right company to distribute your releases, you get the chance of enjoying a wide exposure. The right service has connections with an array of reporters and news outlets that can give your story, exposure.

What do you need to consider when choosing a press release service? Check out the factors that are important before working with any company that will distribute your release.

press release distribution

Check if they have testimonials from their previous clients.

Before closing an agreement to hire their service, you want to make sure that you know how satisfied their past clients are. Check out some of the testimonials written by their clients.

It is a sure way to know how the business is going. Are you most likely to benefit from them?

If you are looking at testimonials, you want to ensure that you’re reading positive reviews and feedback from satisfied clients. You want to see people commending their customer service, or how they received media coverage after they use their service.

If you don’t see any feedback like this, stay away from this distribution service. Select only a few that can give you winning results.

Ask colleagues and business partners for recommendations.

You possibly have colleagues or friends in the same business. They may have contacts or connections with popular and reliable distribution company. They may have hired a company where they earned publicity.

Nowadays, online recommendations are more powerful than paid ads. Several studies revealed that people believe recommendations given by their friends and family to make buying decisions than they see in the ads.

Ask your friends and family for recommendations. Getting endorsements from people who have experienced it personally gives you an assurance that you are getting a good service.

Know where your release is going.

You have to ask and know where your release is going. Will it reach your target audience? If you don’t know the answer to this question, you are wasting your time and money in getting a distribution company.

It’s important that you are aware where your content is going. Ask the company this question. If they can’t provide you good answers, leave.

You should choose a company that can provide you straight, real answers. Will it reach hundreds of reporters, influencers and publications? Which reporters and media outlets?

They should be ready to tell you their distribution points. Know if it boosts your visibility.

Check their features and additional offers.

Before making a deal, you have to be sure if you’re dealing with the right company. When inquiring, ask them what features they offer.

Are these features important for your campaign? Is it what you need? What kind of media distribution they offer?

Are they connected with top media outlets, Reuters or Associated Press? How many links they provide? Can you include multimedia in your release, such as images, video or infographics?

Are they providing social media features? It’s an essential component to maximize your brand exposure.

Do they offer additional features that you may be interested? Can you afford the additional features? Ask them if the feature offers you analytics reports, which are important for you to know how the distribution went.

Do they provide analytics report?

You will not be able to track and measure the results of the press release service without an analytics report. It is recommended that you know how the campaign went through.

Does the company offer your own dashboard where you’ll know the statistics of each release? Do you receive charts, stats and reports that summarize the performance of each distribution?

You have to know how your content performed. You should know how much traffic it brought your site, headline impressions, which websites picked up your story and your visitors per month.  

Measuring the performance of distribution is a quick way to assess whether you reached your goals or not. It’s also a measure to know if it gives you a good return-on-investment (ROI) or not.

From there, you can decide your future marketing tactics. You can decide whether this type of distribution is for you, or should you change the distribution company.

Ease of use.

You want to make sure that you don’t find it hard to communicate with their customer service whenever you have questions. Are they reachable anytime?

You also want to consider that you should be able to understand their process. Was it confusing you or not? Is it easy to talk and work with them?

Are they listening to your inquiries and suggestions if applicable? Can you submit a press release with ease?

Do they have customer service?

Another important question that deserves an answer is whether they have a dedicated customer service or not. You should know their availability. Is it confirming with your work schedule?

Are they ready to entertain questions? Is it hard to call them because their line is always busy?

Do they go back to you whenever you have questions that they can’t answer right away? Knowing the answers to these questions are important when making a decision which service to take.

Sometimes, you need a quick answer because your release may get published anytime soon. If there are changes that need to be corrected in the published copy, are they willing to correct it? A service with a strong support can solve an issue right away.


Of course, you need to consider the price offered by a press release service. you need to know if it fits your budget and if it’s worth the price.

Do you think the price is reasonable enough with the results that you’re going to get? You should ensure that you get your needs and results at a reasonable price.

Otherwise, if you are spending much more than what you’re getting, it’s a waste of investment. There’s no ROI.

Check the packages offered by each service. Assess them one by one and see which one suits your budget and needs.

You may also consider choosing a service that provides social intelligence. They should be able to inform you about social trends in order for you to use the right keywords and message hat resonate to your target audience.