Using Product Reviews on Your Sales Page to Convert Visitors Into Customers

Writing a product review of a product that you’ve used and/or purchased can be an effective way to express honest information to other buyers, recommend products that you appreciate or simply build your writing portfolio. A thorough product review should be both informative and reflective of the reviewer’s personal experience with the product. A product review should focus on the product’s design, specifications, performance, user reviews, benefits, drawbacks, and cost. If possible, the reviewer should include links to where buyers can get more information. OTO/Upsell Info

Product testimonials provide brick and mortar businesses and affiliate marketers a powerful marketing tool. In a customer satisfaction survey, customers can state their feelings about a product or affiliate program and tell others about their experience. According to studies, customers who are offered a chance to write a customer review about a merchant product are five times more likely to purchase from that merchant. Product testimonials are powerful tools that allow merchants and affiliate marketers to enhance the sales appeal and effectiveness of their web pages, increase traffic, expand reach and build credibility with customers. Product Review

When conducting a product review, it’s helpful to create a worksheet to keep the ideas organized. Create a worksheet for each product that you’re reviewing. If you’re rating the performance of a product on a scale of one to five, create a worksheet that rates the features of the product in terms of effectiveness. Rate the quality of the work, the packaging, the customer service, the warranty, and the results after use. Write a new worksheet for each feature and use the same format (rating order of importance) as the rating sheets for your website.

One of the most important parts of any product review is how you might solve a common problem that potential customers might be facing. Write a short list of pressing problems that you might encounter while selling a particular product and include the solutions to those problems. For example, if you’re rating a product based on price, you might notice that some customers are concerned about price fluctuation. Include a solution that eliminates the fear of price fluctuations, such as a special promotion, a reduced fee or discount, or a no-brainer (i.e., buy now).

After completing a list of potential problems, write a short paragraph about each pressing problem. Use the same format as the other ratings on your product review page so that it reads well and is easy to scan. You might also want to consider including a few sentences about the company behind the product. An Italian site manager recently posted on his blog that he chose to give away free software because that proved to be a big turn-off for some potential customers. “The next thing I did was to search for free gifts for software on Google. That way, I avoided any awkward questions from potential customers who were too lazy to go through my website.”

The last paragraph of the product review should be a summary of all of your recommendations, but take care to leave room for your own personal opinion. After all, you’re writing about what you feel like you would personally buy. If the product reviews on the Internet to tell you that this would be an okay product to buy, but that you feel it’s a bad choice to buy, you may want to emphasize that you feel it would be a bad choice to buy. This shows you’re not just a customer who wants someone else to make a decision for him, but you’re an individual looking out for your own personal desires.

One advantage of the Product Review Websites is that you can follow up on product reviews by contacting the people who wrote them. Many customer service representatives often offer customer feedback either through an email address or phone call, and many product teams encourage that their customers use these two methods in order to provide useful feedback. If you visit enough of these sites, you’ll find yourself becoming friends with the people who are writing the product reviews. You might find that they have products that are similar to the one that you want, or products that could serve as models for your own product. These individuals can become great business contacts in the long run because they already know how important their opinion is to prospective buyers.

There is a time and place for all marketing, including using product reviews as a means to sell. However, there are also times when it’s just more effective to let the customer make the decision, even if it’s a very public forum. If you’ve had a hard sell before, you know that it often backfires. By giving the customer the opportunity to voice their opinion, you’re also giving them a reason to feel like they have a big stake in the decision-making process as well. After all, the last person who’s going to buy something off of your sales page isn’t really someone who should have to sell anything at all.