Unlocked Cell Phones and Apple’s iPhone 4: Service Providers and the Untold Truth

It’s finally here, an iPhone available to work over a carrier other than AT&T. Of course, savvy shoppers and true technophiles have long known that such a thing exists, in the form of unlocked cell phones from an online retailer, but Apple has now officially made the iPhone work over more than just one company’s cellular network. Well, now that that’s out of the way – now what? How has the mobile communications landscape changed? iphone xr

Again, bearing in mind that unlocked cell phones have always existed, the answer has to be “not too much.” It’s good to have official recognition and support, of course, but that’s about it. That’s the untold truth about all the hoopla surrounding a non-AT&T iPhone: it’s nothing new to hard-core early adopters, who have long enjoy an unlocked iPhone handset that will work over just about any carrier’s network. iPhone XR | DQ Solutions

As for Verizon’s offering, well, it’s practically the same as what AT&T has long provided, though a few very important differences do exist. Verizon offers a WiFi mobile hotspot option but it isn’t capable of global roaming. Nor does it support simultaneous voice and data over 3G speeds.

But those are just specs. The truth is, the folks who would actually get a smartphone need to do more than just talk – which means that for them, it’s about the device, and not the service provider. Thus, these folks will love their iPhones no matter the carrier! But seeing as how unlocked phones offer the best of both worlds, why not go that route to ensure quality, savings, as well as any service you choose?