Offshore Companies, Offshore Services

We currently live in a fully globalized world, in which each business or organization trying to do their best attempt to provide the best and most optimized level of service to its customers. The financial market is expanding its branches not only to a particular country, they now cover around the world, for the services, offshore services are gaining popularity day by day. There are many jurisdictions that are very popular and are being used for offshore services where people can take their companies out of their countries and also to gain advantage.

The offshore companies are not only be beneficial from the standpoint of business if not also attract the attention of investors looking to acquire personal freedom and financial privacy. There are a variety of offshore services that are currently offer such as: Offshore Companies, LLC, Foundations, Trusts, Bank Accounts, Gambling Licenses, Mutual Funds, just to mention a few.

Offshore companies are characterized that are registered in a country where that make no economic or commercial activity. For this reason, also called non-resident companies. They have many tax advantages, as some only have to pay a small annual registration fee and have up to 100% of tax payment excision. These companies do not pay taxes because taxes are applied to natural persons. Because we live in a world that is favored by the technological advances the constitution of offshore corporations are given a quick, simple and cheap. Many jurisdictions require only a minimum of documentation. Another benefit is that there are limitations as to the nationality of shareholders or directors. It is often common to see a company being formed by a single person performs all the functions. These companies have a simple and economical administration that by not having to carry out actions of tax clearance do not have to incur expenses of auditors, among other things.

LLC (Limited Liability Company) a sort of limited partnership, which is fiscally transparent, meaning that its members should state the benefits to society in their individual income tax returns.

Offshore foundations is an institution born from the donation of an estate of a person or entity, called the founder, for a private interest purposes, set out in its charter or founding charter. is a very flexible tool to be used for purposes of the estate, as the legislation makes clear that not recognize any right to heirs, that they may have under laws of other countries.

An offshore trust is one that is outside the country of habitual residence of the person who promotes it (called the settlor) and the beneficiaries in a tax haven. Its characteristics are essentially the same as those of an Anglo-Saxon or common trust, but to be formed under more favorable legislation provides greater legal protection and a greater level of privacy. It is usually used by people who have assets (tangible or intangible) to protect the professions or in those at risk of lawsuits.

Offshore banking is a service offered to a type of banking institutions, usually located in tax havens, which are regulated by special laws that grant them more freedom in their operations, and favorable tax treatment. These institutions aimed at one hundred percent to take deposits and investments of individuals and businesses not residents and who have no access the country’s own citizens.

The Offshore companies are usually used for International trading, Asset protection, Captive Insurance, Tax avoidance, protection because of the confidentiality that those jurisdictions offer.