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The most recent web series to hit India has been Guru Nanak’s Nanak Deewana. This is actually Nanak’s first Web Series and is set in medieval India. It tells the story of how Nanak, a Sikh hero, arrives in America and settles down in a small town. Along the way he finds out that his brother was involved in terrorist activity and he kills him. This was one of my favorite part of the series as it brings Nanak closer to his own beliefs and motivations.

Another web series that has come up in India recently is Kaal Bhaiya. It’s been receiving a lot of popularity lately. Kaal Bhaiya is based in Mumbai and follows a young girl, Jaidee, who runs a grocery store. She strives to make her store a success but also cares deeply for her brother’s sickly little sister.

One more Hindu web series worth checking out is Milind Ingle’s Dilbar. Milind created this show based on the life of Hindi film star Dilbari. Dilbar tells the story of how Dilbar, an acclaimed Hindi actor was not able to accept his death and went on to become a superstar. I found the writing style of the show to be really nice and it kept me interested in what was happening in the main character’s life.

The Young Kamal Markandya has been receiving a lot of attention recently. The series tells the story of young generation going into politics. The main character is a young woman who rises through ranks at the local parliament. This is actually one of the few Indian web series that is actually considered to be funny, and the humor reaches a worldwide audience.

One more web series worth checking out is called Sisters. It’s been receiving a lot of attention for a very interesting reason. The show is all about two sisters who go to Pakistan to study. After they get married, their father is killed. The sisters then travel to India, where they meet and fall in love with a Hindu man, Kajol.

Another series worth checking out is called The Private School Girl. The web series tells the story of a girl who moves to a small town in India (in the same country as Private School Girl) to get an education. Things go wrong when she falls in love with a boy from her school. She must make do without him and find someone who will appreciate her talent. She does this by playing the role of a suitable boy for the groom and seducing him.

All in all, the internet is a very powerful medium in India. There are many shows that are making their mark on the internet. This only proves that people from India have realized the potential of reaching out to the global audience through this medium. Now the challenge for the Indian creative industry is to make the content available that is as creative and hilarious as possible so that it gains viral fever among Indians and arouses interest among the international audiences. If this happens, then the next big thing in India will be seen.

A popular web series starting off with the girl’s story is called Mumbai Mom. Mumbai Mom is based on the life of a suburban mother, who finds herself juggling between her own daughter’s aspirations and the career aspirations of a boy from her town. She also has to take care of her aging mother-in-law, who has a flair for cooking and can often outshine her daughter’s cooking skills.

Popular amongst girls as well as boys, Bhoomika is the hot favorite among the Indian viewers. As the name suggests, the show tells the story of a young girl who moves to a new city (not her own) after her parents split up. She meets her new friends and falls in love with a boy from the city, whom she cannot marry because of the age difference. Her story may seem like a Bollywood blockbuster, but this is not a film for Bollywood. The directorial debut of Neha Durgaani has been a box-office hit in India, and the producers are now planning a sequel.

Most of the latest buzz in the field of Indian, online television is about the exciting India Web Series on YouTube. India’s most popular social networking website is hosting many such free Indian Web Series such as Web Shop, Bangalore, Kairaly, Webkinz, Bridalambi, and Lemonade Challenge. While one or two of these websites might be a little slow in loading the videos, you will definitely get an amazing experience from the India Web Series on YouTube.