Campbell House Field Air Compressors For Every Job

Compressed air is excellent for powering tools that are stronger and more energy efficient than electric tools, ranging from sanders and grinders in the garage when you are refurbishing a classic car, to nail guns and caulkers when finishing a newly built house or improving one in the process of renovation. Campbell Hausfeld air compressors recognize the diversity of uses that pneumatic power can be put to with the wide range of sizes, configurations, and power sources that empower everyone from the home hobbyist to the commercial framer or auto body worker with the hard-working tools they need to get the job done. sprayingtools airbrush kit

The smallest air compressors produced by Campbell Hausfeld are pancake style machines whose air tanks are wide, flattened disc shapes. This makes it easier to offer oil-free motors on these models, making them cleaner to use in potentially pristine environments (such as a freshly laid hardwood flooring) as well as freeing you from a greasy, time-consuming maintenance task on a device that you are probably only using now and then anyway. The Ultimate Buying Guide To Purchase The Best Airbrush Kit

The 1-gallon FP2028 is the most diminutive of the air compressors, and is used mostly for such jobs as blowing dust and debris from your workbench, running a pneumatic stapler, or doing fine paintwork with an airbrush. The FP2028 weighs only 12.7 pounds and can be carried with the handgrip on top of the mechanism. The 4-gallon version, model number FP2080, is the next size up at 32.5 pounds, and can handle heavier tasks, such as brad nailing, finishing nails, heavy duty staples, and tire inflation.

The tank size on Campbell Hausfeld air compressors ranges up to 120 gallons and the horsepower rating of the motor runs as high as 15 hp for the largest machines. Needless to say, many of the largest compressors are made to be stationary, placed somewhere that they will see regular use, such as in an auto body repair shop, a furniture factory, or a heavy equipment repair depot.

There are still plenty of intermediate size compressors from this company that are portable to some extent and can be used by everyone from home handymen to carpenters and those running a large farm, who need to build structures frequently, repair tractors and other equipment, and carry out demanding maintenance on buildings and fences. Pneumatic power can easily handle tougher jobs if the right compressor and tools are brought to bear on the problem.

One very popular model is the Campbell Hausfeld 13 gallon Direct Drive Air Compressor, a 1.7 horsepower machine that runs off ordinary household current yet musters 3 cubic feet per minute at 90 psi. This sturdy 69 pound compressor rolls on two wheels, pulled by a heavy metal rod handle, and holds enough air so that it can run some of the more rigorous pneumatic tool attachments, such as sanders or paint guns.

The variety of Campbell Hausfeld air compressors assures you of being able to find a device that matches your workload, the size and nature of your products, and the amount of air pressure that you need to get the task done well. From small hobby uses to commercial production and every stage in between, this company provides you with options that will give you ample pneumatic power without the expensive overkill caused by getting a machine that is too big for your needs.